The Campolindo Choral Music Education Fund (CCMEF) and the Choral Music Department invite you to become active supporters of the arts in our community. Your tax-deductible contribution helps to expand our program and enrich the experiences of our students and audiences. This Fund, now in its 33rd year, continues to support Campolindo’s superior Choral program. The large enrollment and active curriculum necessitate part-time teaching assistants to aid the Director in all aspects of the program. The primary goal of the Fund is to raise money to pay for salaries of the teaching assistants. Additional funds support education supplies, sheet music, equipment, scholarships, transportation, and clinicians. We need your help!

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The mission of the Campolindo Choral Music Education Fund (CCMEF) is to financially support, through parent and community donations, the choral music education program at Campolindo High School.

Priorities: The CCMEF is dedicated to providing resources to ensure the Campolindo choral program achieves the highest standards of excellence and continues to attract and retain highly motivated students.

The CCMEF provides funds for…

  • salaries of assistant teachers, accompanists and vocal coaches in the choral program
  • educational supplies, equipment and transportation
  • enrichment opportunities such as tours, retreats and visiting experts
  • scholarship assistance for students in need (choir attire, tours, voice lessons, etc.)